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— Diane H.

"We already had the Eagle bench on our front upper patio, and now we have the two Eagle chairs and the leaves table on the lower front patio.  It looks perfect.  Really love the whole set!"



 Q: Where is the product made? 

 A: Due to the lack of domestic manufacturing options, all of our product is manufactured at an artisanal foundry in China to our detailed quality specifications.  We are always open to considering viable domestic manufacturing alternatives that can meet our needs. 

 A: All Painted Sky products are cast with either grey iron (benches, gliders, swings) or aluminum (wall art, welcome signs, clocks). We specify only premium metals with no added alloys.  This creates a product with supreme strength & durability but it is still susceptible to corrosion if unprotected. All castings are treated with 2 coats of rust inhibitor, then sealed with a double layer of bronze powder coat paint. 

 Q: How durable is it? 

 Q: What is your warranty? 

 A: We warranty our products for 90 days for defect.  If there is an issue related to manufacture or shipping, you will likely know right out of the box.  Contact us, and we will assist you immediately.  Unique issues outside the 90 day window, are handled on an individual basis.  We believe we make an outstanding product, but if you need assistance, we want our service to be quick and efficient. 

 A: Less exposure to the sun extends the life of the powder coat finish.  Storing the product out of the elements during the off season is an easy way to keep your furniture looking great longer. 

 Q: Your product is maintenance-free, why do you suggest putting it away for the winter? 

 A: You can, but it likely will not extend the powder coat life to a noticeable extent.   

 Q: Can I add a clear coat over the powder coat finish, and will it help? 

 Q: How do I keep my furniture looking its best? 

 A: As mentioned, storing the product out of the elements during the offseason helps.  The first sign that the powder coat is aging will likely be the color becoming slightly dull and flat.  The sun will transform the gold hand painted highlight to a pewter-like silver.   

 A: Absolutely!  Our Customer Support section has detailed information that will walk you through the steps needed to rejuvenate your Painted Sky furniture and make it look like new. 

 Q: Can I repaint a weathered bench? 

 Q: Can I purchase direct from Painted Sky? 

 A: We have a great network of retail partners and we do not compete with them for your business.  The "where to buy" section showcases our ever-growing list of dealers. 

 A: The "where to buy" section lists dealers who are willing to do special orders.  Contact us if you have difficulty finding a dealer in your area. 

 Q: None of the dealers listed in my area have the item I want.  How do I get it? 

 A: Our design castings are interchangeable.  Contact us for availability. 

 Q: I would like to update my bench with a new design.  Can I replace the art casting?