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— Diane H.

"We already had the Eagle bench on our front upper patio, and now we have the two Eagle chairs and the leaves table on the lower front patio.  It looks perfect.  Really love the whole set!"



 Q: Where is the product made? 

 A: Due to the lack of domestic manufacturing options, all of our product is manufactured at an artisanal foundry in China to our detailed quality specifications.  We are always open to considering viable domestic manufacturing alternatives that can meet our needs.  If you know of any potential domestic options, please contact us. 

 A: All Painted Sky products are cast with either grey iron (benches, gliders, swings) or aluminum (wall art, welcome signs, clocks). We specify only premium metals with no added alloys.  This creates a product with supreme strength & durability but it is still susceptible to corrosion if unprotected. All castings are treated with 2 coats of rust inhibitor, then sealed with a double layer of bronze powder coat paint. 

 Q: How durable is it? 

 Q: What is the warranty on Painted Sky products? 

 A: We warranty our products for 90 days for defect.  If there is an issue related to manufacture or shipping, you will likely know right out of the box.  We believe we make an outstanding product, but if you need assistance, we want our service to be quick and efficient. 

 A: Everyone's needs are unique.  We are always happy to discuss the pros and cons of each delivery/purchase method as it relates to your particular circumstances. 

 Q: Which purchasing category is the best fit for my retail operation? 

 A: You can call us anytime at (563) 557-7160   8 a.m. — 3 p.m. central time.  The most efficient method is to email us a picture of the broken part along with your shipping address.  There is also a parts form in every product box that can filled out.  This can be mailed, faxed, or shoot a photo with your phone and email it to

We make every effort to handle all parts requests with a quick turnaround. 

 Q: How do I get parts? 

 Q: How to get on your "Where to Buy" listing 

 A: You can get on (or off) our listing and map by sending us an email with your company information.  Let us know if you are willing to take special orders from customers in your area who are looking for a particular item with a specific design.  We will be glad to quote you a delivered price and ship in a prompt manner. 

 A: Apart from the obvious sale, its an opportunity to perhaps attract a new customer to your store and demonstrate a level of customer service that generates a favorable impression.  We do everything we can to make the special order process simple and efficient. 

 Q: Why do Special Orders? 

 A: Our customers fall into 3 basic categories; Direct Container, Distributor, and Independent Dealer.  Our goal is to distribute our product line in the method that is most efficient to each customer's needs.   

 Q: Who sells the Painted Sky line of products? 

 Q: What makes Painted Sky products different than other options in the marketplace? 

 A: It starts with the art.  Rather than offering a single generic design, we have created a variety of unique lifestyle designs that target a specific region/customer.  We incorporate these striking designs into well made, quality outdoor living furniture and accessories.  You get a quality product, with very good margin potential and fewer post-sales issues.  Your customers get a beautiful, functional alternative to the cheap, bland product offered in the big box store.  In today's modern marketplace, it is highly unusual to find a popular product that is not available cheaper via WalMart or Amazon.  Our business model is designed for you.  Our product is designed specifically for your customer. 

If you have any other questions or thoughts as to how we can improve our products or serve your needs better, let us know.  Customer service is an important component of our commitment to serve you.